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"The Mission of the Iowa Nurses Association is to connect, support, and advocate; for Iowa nurses and nursing practice."
The Mission of the Iowa Nurses Association is to connect, support, and advocate for nurses and healthcare in Iowa.
Faces of INA

INA Board of Directors

Judy Collins, President

Jann Ricklefs, Vice-President

Brian Cooley, Secretary

Elaine Boes, Treasurer

Susan Whitty, Director-Public Policy

Lisa Caffery, Director-Resolutions

Dan Lose, Director-Newly Licensed RN

Linda Opheim, Director Northwest

Mary Moser, Director Northeast

Nancy James, Director Southwest

Barb Gano, Director Central

Colleen Brems, Director Southeast

INA Committee/Commission Chairs

Membership/PR: Dan Lose

Finance: Elaine Boes

Public Policy: Susan Whitty


Committees of the Membership

Bylaws: Jann Ricklefs

Nominations: Julie Schilling

Resolutions: Lisa Caffery


Regional Chairs

Mary Kovarna, Regional Chair, Region 01

Margie O’Neill, Regional Chair, Region 02

Nancy James, Regional Chair, Region 03

Pam Deichmann, Regional Chair, Region 04

Darcy Koehn, Regional Chair, Region 05


Iowa Nurses Foundation

Linda Schluter, Chair


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