The Professional Organization of Registered Nurses in Iowa

 The Mission of the Iowa Nurses Association is to connect, advocate,

and support for nurses and healthcare in Iowa.


It is an honor and privilege to run for President of the Iowa Nurses Association (INA). I believe that INA provides a voice for all nurses in Iowa. There are significant changes occurring in health care law, and it is essential that INA advocate for the practice of Iowa nurses to ensure safe, effective care for individuals in our communities. As your President, I will work closely with our Board, staff, and members to ensure that our collective voices are heard. Over the past year and a half the INA Board has developed a new strategic plan for success, with focus on growing a robust membership reflective of the diversity of nurses in Iowa, and I would like to continue to be part of this exciting process. I will work hard to promote the mission of INA, build relationships with key stakeholders in Iowa to advance the power of nursing and our association, and increase membership.

I have maintained an active role in INA for many years. First, as a board representative for Region 1, Region 1 president, state Vice-President, and for the past year have served as the INA President. My experience as a staff nurse in a hospital, nurse leader in Home Health and Hospice, and a nurse educator have provided me with an in depth understanding of the changing health care environment and the challenges that the profession of nursing is facing. My present nursing position is as an Assistant Professor for Chamberlain University’s online graduate nursing program.

I am excited to run for the position of INA President and if elected, will work hard to contribute my knowledge and experience to this important role.

Jann Ricklefs, RN, MSN, PhD, CNE

ANA Delegates

(Vote for one)

One year term

*The President and top vote getter will attend.

 If unable to attend will go in order by the votes received for the next participant to attend.


___x___   Jann Ricklefs; Gilmore City – IA01

(Presidential Candidate: Note President is to be elected as delegate to membership assembly)  

___x___   Lisa Caffery; Davenport – IA05  

(President-elect Candidate: Note President-elect  is to be elected as delegate to membership assembly)          

______   Brian Cooley; Council Bluffs – IA02     

______     Carol Chesterman; Peosta – IA02

______   Brenda McAllister; Palo – IA05


The rapidly changing health care environment requires nurses and nursing organizations to be working together to ensure safe care for patients.  The Iowa Nurses’ Association (INA) has a long history of advocating for patients and nurses. However, recently the organization has struggled to stay connected to all nurses. In order to be successful we must work to rebuild our image and reconnect with nurses in Iowa. I believe the recent work by our Board of Directors has positioned us to begin this work.   

 I have been a member of INA/ANA for many years and have held variety of offices at both the state and region level. Most recently, I served four years as the Resolution Committee chair and board member. I also have had the privilege to represent INA at ANA Membership Assembly meetings in 2016 and 2017. I have been very involved in my specialty organizations throughout my career and have served as chapter president of the Society for Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA) and The Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) in addition to leadership roles. These opportunities have taught me the importance of working collaboratively with all healthcare professionals. Establishing and building relationships with other professional organizations and healthcare groups in Iowa will be important to the success of INA. 

I believe that my current and past experiences have prepared me for the role of Vice President of INA. I look forward to working with INA staff and the INA Board of Directors to position INA as the organization representing Iowa nurses.  If elected, I will work to ensure that all voices are heard and represented during this critical, but exciting time for the organization.   It will take all of us working together to rebuild the association and strengthen the presence of INA in Iowa!


Lisa Caffery, MS, BSN, RN-BC, CIC, FAPIC

Additional Positions

Nominations (vote for three)

Two year term

_____ Julie Schilling; Burlington – IA05

______   Elaine Boes; Ely – IA05

_____  Sue Whitty; Dubuque – IA02

______   Marcia Weis; Council Bluffs – IA03


Foundation (vote for three)

Three year term


_____ Brian Cooley; Council Bluffs – IA03

_____ Christine Goechenaur, Council 

              Bluffs – IA03

______  Dawn Bowker; Des Moines – IA04

_____  Pam Deichmann; Winterset – IA04

Director Staff Nurse at Large

I became involved in the Iowa Nurses Association after attending my first Lobby Day that was required for a Nursing Policy class I was taking towards my BSN.  Little did I know that by attending that required event would begin to shape my career.  I signed up that day to be a new member and then quickly was recruited to join the Board of Directors in the role of Newly Licensed RN.  Since joining the INA I had had the opportunity to network with nurses across the state of Iowa in various roles.  It is amazing to part of an organization that is so passionate about the nursing profession and being a voice for nurses at the state and national level.  Healthcare is changing rapidly and so is the role of the nurse.  I would be honored to serve on the board in the role of the Staff Nurse at Large.  I would not only be able to bring to the board issues currently impacting nurses who are working at the bedside- I would also be able to communicate the importance of being involved in a professional organization to those nurses who I work side by side with.

Christina L. Peterson, BSN, RN

Newly Licensed RN

As a newer nurse, I feel it is important to take an active role in the future of nursing.  The Iowa Nurses Association’s mission to connect, advocate, and support nurses and healthcare in Iowa reflects my belief that being active in nursing policy on a local and state level directly influences the nursing practice and further develops nursing as a unique and respected discipline. 

While in nursing school,  (graduation August 2016) I had the privilege to represent nursing students on a local, state, and national level by serving on the board of the Mercy College Association of Nursing Students (MCANS) as the Mentorship Coordinator and on the Iowa Association of Nursing Students (IANS) as the State Treasurer.  In these leadership roles, I had the opportunity to attend National Student Nurses Association conventions, Iowa Association of Nurses Association conventions, Iowa legislation days, develop and pass resolutions on the state and national level, and present evidence based presentations on Trauma Informed Care in numerous professional settings.

I understand the importance and responsibility that serving on the INA presents.  I believe my experiences as a nursing student and my previous leadership roles has prepared me for the task of representing my fellow nurses and the nursing profession as a new RN on the board of the Iowa Nurses Association.  I desire to serve as a mentor and advocate for new nurses and encourage them to take an active role in the future of nursing early in their career so we can continue to build a strong base of nurse leaders. I ask for your support in allowing me to serve new and tenured nurses in the state of Iowa.

Kate Pace, RN